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ETH crystal bling 6000 puffs - £9.49

ETH crystal bling 6000 puffs - £9.49

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ETH Crystal Bling 6000 Disposable Vape Pod, the Crystal disposable vapes    is one of the latest disposable bars with greater taste thanks to the built in mesh coils.

Also available with a wide flavour selection you will always find a flavour or mix of flavours that you enjoy joy. With it €™s advanced design you get a smooth and pure taste by bonding a specialised heating system that gives you better vape and clouds when you vape the crystal bar.

Because it is so simple It  is  the  best  way  for  smokers to switch  to vaping,  Simply  remove  it  from  the packaging and start vaping.

It €™s a convenient pre-filled vape device and there is no need to change  coils.

ETH Crystal Bling 6000 Disposable Vape Pod is available in 30 flavours everything from sweets, fruits, and desserts. Now you can enjoy all the latest flavours from ETH Crystal 6000.
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