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Donut King 100ml E Liquid Shortfill - £5.25

Donut King 100ml E Liquid Shortfill - £5.25

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Donut King is an E-Liquid range  dedicated to creating the most genuine and delicious donut tastes, emulating the warm sweet taste of a freshly baked donut.

Deep Fried Donut by Donut King E-Liquid is just a straight up, no mess fried donut flavoured e liquid. This is perfect for those of you that love donut flavours, but don't like any of the additives. Its just warm, fluffy goodness in a bottle.

Cinnamon Apple by Donut King is a dessert style e-liquid that features a deep fried donut that has been filled with caramelised Apples that have been slowly cooked and seasoned with spicy cinnamon, creating a delicious blend of flavours.

Strawberry Cream by Donut King E Liquid is a donut based e liquid that takes a freshly fried donut as its base and stuffs it with a strawberry infused sweet cream, creating a deliciously sweet strawberry donut vape.

Vanilla Custard by Donut King E Liquid is a donut style blend that takes a freshly fried donut and stuffs it with an aromatic, sweet vanilla custard, creating a sweet and smooth vape every time.

Raspberry Coconut by Donut King E Liquid is a donut style flavour. Taking a freshly fried donut as its base, this donut is left to cool before it is stuffed with a coconut cream & raspberry filling, creating a tangy and aromatic donut vape!

Delightful Lemon by Donut King is a citrus fuelled dessert style e-liquid featuring a strong savoury base. With a donut flavour throughout, this donut has been filled with a thick, creamy lemon curd, providing you with a burst of citrus that features throughout.

Banana Custard  -  Look who is back with a bang!  Donut King  are here and  have created a delicious new range, and this banana custard is not to be missed! Who could resist a warm fresh donut, which has been coated in a sugary glaze and filled with an insanely sweet and creamy banana custard! A combination that is perfect for an all day vape!  

80% VG

This is 100ml of 0mg  e-liquid, supplied in a 120ml short fill bottle leaving room for 2 x 18mg  nicotine shots  to make 120ml of 3mg e-juice

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